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Slider Blob | SliderBlog - Privacy Policy With Site Information


Please do not conact me with spam, if you have a opinion about how the website can be improved don't be shy, an issue with copyright etc then email us at blobteam@sliderblob.com with header being `COPYRIGHT ISSUE` and we will address it.

Site Info

Site Information

SliderBlob is a sharing platform for guides relating to Tech, Finiance, Health and much more. In addition sliderblob is a website where you can make money via donations, you will be responsible for handling donations. please note any guides violating U.S or moral law will be removed and corrective action may be put upon the user who posted which includes but is not limited to banning whether temporary or permanent. All guides are for educational purposes only and additional research should be done on the user to confirm the authencity of the guide

Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy Effective 5/31/2020

sliderblob collects and stores emails, passwords and usernames used on sliderblob , we collect and store the data you post on sliderblob. We collect information about the actions you take when using the Services. This includes your interactions with content, like voting, saving, hiding, and reporting.We use analytics partners (such as Google Analytics) to help analyze usage and traffic for our Services. As an example, we may use analytics partners to analyze and measure, in the aggregate, the number of unique visitors to our Services. sliderblob uses Google adsense Advertisements as our ad platform. sliderblob does not use client side cookies SlierBlob uses sessions to store and process all data, however our partner sites may use cookies to improve user experience these cookies may include but is not limited to emails and passwords and usernames. SliderBlob uses facebook and other social media services and components, sliderblob utilizes Imgur Image Hosting Services. SliderBlob uses PayPal Payment services in order for our users to get and make donations. SliderBlob is currently on a pause with Amazon Amazon Affiliate does currently get of all items linked on SliderBlob once a purchase is completed through Amazon but this may change in the future. Slider Blob is an Ebay Parter SliderBlob reserves the right to change all rules and policies