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Create Ebooks Free Online With Slider Blob | Post Stories, Pictures ,Videos Or Something Interesting Write Your Slider Blog Today

SliderBlob is a sharing platform and reddit alternative composed of 100% slides. SliderBlob is a place where you can write slidable short stories / ebooks or just post memes. You can also receive donations from your viewers directly via paypal, no middle man. So post your blob today for free.

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Slider Blob was created by one individual me as of writing this I am 19 year old, yes I am an entrepreneur and no I don't make any money from Slider Blob as of writing this I have made exactly $1.45 in the last 3 months which is how old SliderBlob is, I created Slider blob so that individuals could share ideas in a unique way I liked the design and decided to go public posting updates etc. I added the ability for people share ideas of all forms of media such as text, image, videos, music, and recently video games however it is still in testing and can only be operated by admins, due to security reasons however you can post what ever you want privately and create your own list of embedded games , websites , videos etc for your eyes only, Once you post something and SliderBlob it is yours you can edit it as you see fit, and if you post something particularly interesting you could even receive donations from your viewers, SliderBlob gets around a thousand visitors per month currently from all media sources combined and we are happy with that number so far but we eventually hope to get in the tens of thousands, we have partnerships with companies such as google and amazon, to provide you with quality products and services you can review and comment about products as you see fit.

SliderBlob is an ongoing product and you can add to the development of SliderBlob just use the contact form and allow us time to respond. Recently we periodically do campaigns on SliderBlob and anybody can participate. Slider blob is a sharing platform and we do not censor things so long as they do not violate our policy and universal moral rules - yes that is legal limbo to keep the definition broad as possible however we do reserve the right to remove posts with or without warning we most likely will warn you though, however we generally do not our right remove your post instead we make your post private so for your eyes only if we a large number of people will be offended because of your post, this is to keep the playing field fun for every body. What are you waiting for ? create your own Blob today build your social media empire its free. So a little bit about the creator of Slider Blob I am a private in the U.S Army yes sounds crazy but true, computer programmer for as long as I could remember I always wanted to make something that I could be proud of and this is it, I pay out of pocket for anything and as previously stated make next to nothing. For some reason a large number of SliderBlob viewers are out side of the U.S and we love and welcome our international Blobbers however advertisers that pay well are mostly in the united states sadly. The main idea of SliderBlob is to build a website like reddit but with a twist this website was meant to feel less like a website and more like an app. we welcome redditors, bloggers and the every day normie to try out our services.

Anyways back to the point, SliderBlob is a trans formative website capable of all kinds of things we currently limit the kind of content you can post to about 8 categories but this can be improved we will be adding another section soon called the talk room and here you can talk about different things live with other Users we feel like this will be a good addition as we have noticed a large number of people posting blobs with the simple caption of Hi and we think this would be a good addition. Remember SliderBlob is inter changeable and if you want to contribute you can as SliderBlob grows so will you especially since competition on SliderBlob is very small right now and we are really only as good as you make it the design everything can change we just need to know what direction our fans want to take. Also some additional information PayPal is the main method of payment for blobbers on SliderBlob so once you post something good you could receive people liking and donating to you so make somebody smile and maybe they will make you smile thats all I have to say at the moment thank you for reading <3

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