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HP Pavilion 15.6 Gaming Laptop

Premium HP Gaming Laptop

The HP Pavilion 15 gaming laptop is built by HP or Hewlett Packard they are one of the most well-respected computer manufactures to date, I personally own a gaming laptop similar to this one HP Omen with much of the same specs. It has an RGB backlight keyboard and 3gbs of GDDR5 Ram within the GTX 1050. it uses an AMD Quad-core processor the Ryzen 5 3550H and has 8GB of regular ram comes with windows 10 has USB 3.1 and a headphone jack, it does have Bluetooth and wifi however its SSD is 256GB it's a 15.6-inch display with 1920 by 1080 Pixel full HD IPS display LED. This gaming laptop is priced extremely competitively at around $600. Some results from the benchmark in ARK at medium fps it will average 40FPS and this is a common theme with this gaming laptop. Doom runs smoothly on this gaming laptop. In the witcher 3 again minimum or medium is the target here as the wither 3 is a really resource-heavy game even on high-end gaming rigs. Battlefield 5 can be played on this gaming laptop however you may need to turn down the graphic quality as battlefield 5 is another resource-heavy game, it is believed that with an added stick of ram performance would be substantially improved as the HP Pavilion 15 gaming laptop uses 1 stick of 8GB ram meaning you can add an extra 8GB of ram to the gaming laptop and get substantially more performance out of it. You can also always overclock this gaming laptop to get even more speed though we would not recommend it

HP Pavilion 15.6 Gaming Laptop Review video

Video of games tested on HP

Conclusive Statement

Overclocking can damage your computer's hardware, so we do not recommend in experienced people to try. But all in all this is a good budget gaming laptop, but I personally would get something with a bit more of a punch


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