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Marlene Fuery (Child Fights Back From Whooping)

Marlene Fuery is a single Jamaican mom of 3 who now lives in sunrise Florida. One of her daughters was arguing with a sibling over $10, Marlene intervened and decided to deliver some ass-whooping. The girl at the time was 11 and sustained injuries such as a broken finger, the child ran to the neighbor for assistance, who promptly called the police, Marlene bail at the time was set $10,000. corporal punishment, is very common in third world countries such as Jamaica, so instances of this are very common I can recall some personal experiences where I witnessed a mom, throwing rocks the size of a football at her fleeing teenager or beating children with just about any she can find such as Pots Plates, Bush and much more, I even witnessed a mom beating a child with a cut-lass for those of you not from jamaica its basically a sword, typically rusty. It is used for cutting grass and other vegetation, or if you have seen movies you can see that it is used when clearing a lot of vegetation. The child is now a grown adult and a TikTok star, sharing her story across the platform. she says that her mom and she now have a good relationship and laugh about this story now, her tiktok @ is @thatstrinfool.


Is Pfizers Stock Worth it ?

Pfizers vaccine that utilizes mRNA is indeed powerful it works without actually using the virus it self but instead some genetic component from the virus, mrna vaccines are some what of a new thing considering they were never implimented clinincally but the sicence should be sound, yet if we look at the stocks moderna and biotech stocks have flewn alot further than pfizers, why is that ? the thing with pfizers stock is that it has a high float or a high amount of shares outstanding so it will swing less than its other counterparts. But pfizer pays good dividends so it is a reccomend buy for long term growth investing as they have alot of other products on the market than just vaccines.


We cannot win this election we can only reelect trump - Fact Check Joe Biden

The video was taken out of context by not including the full clip however those words did come out of Joe Bidens mouth. Regardless I am just here to report the facts and joe is not advocating for the re election for his political opponent that is false. Joe Biden does tend to mix up words. Anyways check this blog to see the video


Jim Jordan Wrestling - Everything you need to know

Senator ted cruz challenged actor ron perlman to fight senator Jim Jordan. So as if 2020 could not get any crazier we have politicians wanting to literally fight each other now we will admit it is somewhat disappointing and a bit childish to have someone fight for you as if a drunk college girl friend getting her boyfriend in a fight. The actor said lets not bother with the other guy and instead wanted a fight with ted cruz saying - Lets fight and I will donate 50k to black lives matter and you get to keep tax payers money


Police Brutality On The Rise During Protest

George Floyds Death has sparked international outrage and condemnation. But I fear we are approaching something much worst. What started as just some protest is quickly becoming police vs people which is the wrong rhetoric and it is very sad to see I truly hope people realize the dark road we are on and turn around. Destroying your own cities, your own jobs, your own homes ? what do you hope to solve this is not the time to do that not in the middle of a pandemic. The fact is police are people too and as a result they are prone to the same mistakes and tendencies we are and as such racism is not only a problem with the police force but its also a problem with society it self. But I said it once and I will say it again we are currently on a dangerous road people have hi jacked the protest and is in stead using it to push there own agenda anarchists loot the stores burn the buildings police are over whelmed and some are over reacting this is a dangerous time.


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