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How To Get Tokens In Rec Room: (Guide)

Rec Room is a Virtual Reality gaming environment where you can build and play games all in VR. The in game tokens are used in order to purchase in game items, coins are gathered by playing the Rec Room original games. With the explanation out of the way, let us continue with the guide. Step 1 launch Rec Room. Step 2 click the play tab. Step 3 click the `hot` tab. Step 4 click the first button in the filters tab. There you will see all the games you can play to earn coins. Another way is to complete your challenges, in order to do that go to your watch then select the check mark, there you will see the tasks you need in order to get tokens. Swipe left in order to see pictures.


How To Play Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi is a metaverse game where you can make money playing it, as a result it has been exploding in growth recently. Some sources say you can make 3 dollars per hour. Basically, Aavegotchi's are playable NFTS which is a crypto component. Each Aavegotchi has crypto staked within them, so in a sense, you can think of Aavegotchi as a digital wallet for crypto. So in order to get an Aavegotchi you will have to buy a token to stake within it which will be known as the spirit force. The token is then lent out, and you receive a yield! The yield you receive varies, but you can get more information from https://app.aavegotchi.com/stake this is a pioneering kind of technology. And there are many things you can do with your NFT such as battling and customization, this is an evolving space, so you will have to adapt to whatever scenario the game goes. But you can earn points within the game by simply playing it. Visit the website we linked to play! But again, keep in mind you will have to purchase crypto in order to play. Understand this is bigger than Axie Infinity because they are connecting it to the metaverse, and you can even buy land in the form of parcels.


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