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Jungle Jigsaw game

Puzzle game fit all the correct pieces to win


The Impossible Game

Bounce and fly your way through threat in this cadence based activity platformer! Plan for a close to unimaginable test on the planet. Stretch your abilities to the edge as you hop, fly and flip your way through perilous entries and spiky deterrents.


Play Slither.io inspired game

Slither.io is a free multiplayer endurance game where you need to control a snake and help it develop. Right now game, you move around a guide gathering gleaming spheres. Each sphere your get lets you grow somewhat more. In any case, be cautious, in the event that you ever collide with something heedlessly, similar to your own tail, or another player, you disappear. Utilize your left mouse catch to run. Dead snakes transform into assortment of circles for different players to get. Continue moving and avoiding different players until you've gotten the greatest and most grounded in Slither.io. You can likewise open new skins by sharing the game in online networking. Name your character before beginning the game and pick a shading. From the outset you will be only a little snake however every gathered sphere will cause you to become greater. Play crawl .io against other online player and welcome your companions.


Play Checkers free online on mobile

Checkers is a board game consisting of black and white squares with regular pieces called pawns and a queen piece if a pawn can get to the other side of the board, the queen piece can go both forward and backwards on the board so it has a lot of added benefits. Checkers is a game that requires a lot of thinking and trying to make moves without thinking against a really experienced player is on way to guarantee defeat so it is better to plan out every move you make, as one wrong move can lead to you losing 5 pieces maybe even the entire game, checkers is like chess's little brother but some people prefer checkers over chess. Checkers is one of the world's most mainstream 2 players table game. Cause single corner to corner moves so as to wipe out the entirety of your adversary's pieces. You can appreciate this enjoyment of Checkers table game versus computer or versus another person sitting right beside you. You can choose the trouble mode to heat up and figure out how it goes. On the off chance that you are a further developed checkers player, set the difficulty up to 10 and prepare for a pleasant test.


Play Neon Invaders(Space invasion game)

Neon Invaders is a space invasion arcade style game, take out the alien invaders in order to win, the difficulty increases as you progress through the game.


Play Soccer head butt game free online

Bounce as many soccer balls on your head as possible. Attempt to make due to the extent that this would be possible by adjusting the soccer ball on your head. Watch out - you lose a life each time the ball hits the ground! This technique is called heading in soccer and it entails bouncing the soccer ball on your head, this game is a fun spin on the game by allowing you to bounce multiple balls at once, this game is extremely addictive and fun to play if you enjoy soccer at all you might like this game my current high score is 14 post your high score in the Facebook comments! and share with your friends so they can compete as well and post their high scores. Let me know what you think about this game, we are trying to add as much mobile compatible video games as possible allowing you to play on any device, some of the new games added with this one include neon invaders and bowling. If you would like to see more games of this caliber like this post so we see that you enjoy blogs of this type then we will post more video games, or if you have suggestions leave them in the comments or email us directly, and we will try out best to make it happen.


Play Super Mario Rush

This is a super mario game that I found online thought it was fun so I linked it here cheers !


The Hardest Game of the 20th century

Flappy Bird was one of the hardest game ever released, it got instant fame for being incredibly difficult and it made the developer of the game, Dong Nguyen. The game was so successful in fact that some argued it was too difficult and Nguyen was one of them, the Vietnamese developer decided that the game had turned into something it should not have becoming where people spent countless hours trying to beat other players high scores, Matthew F is believed to have the record at 246 points, and the maximum score ever achieved is believed to be 999. Soon after the game was released it was removed at the direct request of Dong Nguyen as he thought the game was taking up too much of people's lives. Quite ironic don't you think? that a game developer would remove his game for being too successful, but there had been reports of fights breaking out over the game. But that was not the only reason he sought to remove the game, it seems Nguyen did not like the limelight and wanted to return to his relatively modest life without anybody knowing who he is. Nguyen had other very popular games in both the app and play store those games including Swing Copters and Ninja Spinki Challenges however these are now where near the levels that Flappy bird was when it comes to popularity but a small price to pay in order to stay anonymous I suppose.


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