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Can you win a game of Ping Pong ?

Lets see how good you are at this table tennis / Ping Pong game comment your scores !


Bowling Online Game

In Go Bowling 2, visit the bowling alley by and by and demonstrate you're really great bowler around! As one of the most engaging exercises, you don't need to take off from your home to appreciate bowling with this game.


Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania is chill arcade style game take a step back and relax in this game. Improve at marble shooting and attempt to finish all the levels with three stars in each level. This marble game is anything but difficult to play and irresistible simultaneously. Tap to shoot. Match at least 3 same-shaded marbles to dispose of them. Annihilate all marbles in the chain before it hits the end. Tap the frog to trade between the current and next marble. Use catalysts to clear the board quicker.


Play Get On Top Game Free Online

The goal of this game is to let the other players head touch the ground, it can be played with two players or against a computer. Controls again depend on the type of device you are on but two-player controls for pc are W, A, S, D, and arrow keys, while on mobile the controls are simply touched where player one and player two controllers are to both the far left and the far right of the screen so you can play against your friends. be warned though this game is extremely competitive and hard to win, I have played it and honestly I struggle to beat the computer even once, so it is extremely hard to actually win this game. For a more descriptive view of this game, it is basically a video game where your hands are connected to the other player and you are trying to pull the opposing player to the ground, but the opposing player is also trying to pull you to the ground, as a result, it can get quite chaotic, you can jump from the ground so you have a lot of freedom to move around in the game. Get On Top is a game played a lot in high school as it is often not restricted by the school institution due to it being available on some whitelisted domain names. what that means is that oftentimes while in class a lot of players would play this game to pass the time since it can be boring at times.


Jungle Jigsaw game

Puzzle game fit all the correct pieces to win


Play Checkers free online on mobile

Checkers is a board game consisting of black and white squares with regular pieces called pawns and a queen piece if a pawn can get to the other side of the board, the queen piece can go both forward and backwards on the board so it has a lot of added benefits. Checkers is a game that requires a lot of thinking and trying to make moves without thinking against a really experienced player is on way to guarantee defeat so it is better to plan out every move you make, as one wrong move can lead to you losing 5 pieces maybe even the entire game, checkers is like chess's little brother but some people prefer checkers over chess. Checkers is one of the world's most mainstream 2 players table game. Cause single corner to corner moves so as to wipe out the entirety of your adversary's pieces. You can appreciate this enjoyment of Checkers table game versus computer or versus another person sitting right beside you. You can choose the trouble mode to heat up and figure out how it goes. On the off chance that you are a further developed checkers player, set the difficulty up to 10 and prepare for a pleasant test.


The Impossible Game

Bounce and fly your way through threat in this cadence based activity platformer! Plan for a close to unimaginable test on the planet. Stretch your abilities to the edge as you hop, fly and flip your way through perilous entries and spiky deterrents.


Player Arrow Game Free Online

This Arrow Shooting Game is a game where you have to shoot at enemy NPCs and hit them before they hit you, it gets harder and harder as you progress in the game it gets harder and harder, with moving platforms and sometimes multiple enemies all at once, headshots do extra damage taking out the enemy NPC instantly. The controls are the mouse where you either tap or click towards where you are aiming and your player will shoot an arrow. This game is simple yet addictive just tap and takeout your enemies, and yes this stick man archery game does support mobile players, so you can play on your phone or tablet! if you really like this game as well you can either bookmark this page or download the SliderBlob app and play all the games and view all of the blogs right from the app no browser necessary, however, the app is currently only available on android, but you can still simply bookmark the page or save the link to your mobile phone screen. Like and share this game with your friends and family, then we will add more games of this type to our website. Can you beat my high score of 58?


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