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Sanpaku Eyes (Really That Scary ? )

Sanpaku Eyes is a Japanese based rumor, it states that people with these eyes where the sclera (The white part of the eye) is visible either upper or below the iris which is the colored part of the eye, there is two types of Sanpaku Eyes - Yin Sanpaku (Three whites - this is where the white part of the eyes can be seen from both the left and right of the iris along with the bottom and Yang Sanpaku(this is where the whites are visible from both the left and right of the eye along with above the eye). Yin Sanpaku is said to signify an early demise, some prominent figures with this type, are former President John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and Michael Jackson, all of which had an early demise, President Jhon F Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight while in a motorcade, seemingly for no reason what so ever. Princess Diana died in a car crash, Marilyn Monroe died in a drug overdose same as Michael Jackson. While the circumstances of their death may vary, all of these figures had one thing in common Yin Sanpaku eyes. Yang Sanpaku's eyes, on the other hand, are said to be worse - it is said to be an indication of psychosis or psychopathic tendencies, as such they can be dangerous and prone to mental illness. Examples of Yang Sanpaku eyes are very rare, I couldn't really find any popular examples of Yang Sanpaku Eyes.


I was a teenage werewolf 1957 Full Movie

This blob features the full movie for I was Teenage werewolf 1957


A true scary story

Chased by a stranger

When I was about ten years old I found my self being chased by a very large man for seemingly no reason, so lets rewind back a little bit, me my brothers and couple of my cousins were out side our house sitting on our gate wall, we were just talking about dumb stuff you talk about that age though I can't remember exactly what about. Anyways a stranger walked by he did not say anything and seemed to be selling peanuts, I am not gonna lie roast peanuts has got a great aroma. My brother in particular liked peanuts and decided that He wanted to go get some.


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