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Little Soldier Boy Leaves from the vine video

Here is a cover from avatar about leaves from the vine full video

Visit the Burj Khalifa Dubai in this real simulator

This is a simulator where you can walk around in dubai ! using google

How many Toy cars can pull a real car ?

This video by mrbeast will show you whether or not toy cars can pull real cars !

The American Civil War Over Simplified Part 2 video

This is a video of the American Civil War documented and simplified

The American Civil War Over Simplified Part 1 video

This is a video to explain the american civil war

The Story of White Wolf Gaming story

This is a detailed video of some of my experiences while playing Rust Legacy so for some insight there was two dominant clans on the server and I was apart of one this got insanely deep with each clan implanting spies in the other.

Coronavirus Should we be scared

The Coronavirus is a virus that originated in Wuhan china this virus is capable of human to human transmission and is believed to be transmittable during the incubation period or the time before symptoms occur. The virus also originated from animals and is known to cause respiratory illness. Ok now for what you have being waiting for should you be scared ? The answer is yes and no this is potentially fatal to about 10% of people some sources put this number higher at 20% but anybody with a healthy immune system should be able to get over the virus relatively easy in particul

Frozen iguanas in florida video

Video of frozen iguana

Loading blogs (8)