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Everything you need to know about the Coronavirus


Cat Memes


How to buy a good used car without getting scammed

Hello fellow bloobies in this today I will be showing you how to buy a good used car under 5000 without getting scammed. So the website of choice in this video is OfferUp and the reason is I have now bought two cars from offerup that are fully functional and the way you want to do this is you should go to offerup then click cars and trucks after which specify the year that you want and now the important part the mileage , the mileage should not be above 150000 note, this does not necessarily mean that a car with more than a 150000 miles is bad but it does mean it can be. That all depends on just how much it is maintained there is a video on the matter in this blob. Anyways once you are on OfferUp click on the suspected sellers page and see if he listed the same item in different states/counties that would be a good indicator that it is a scam because they are trying to get as much people as possible then you look at there rating and after which you look for the verified for payments icon on OfferUp. After which you take the car to a mechanic or you drive to a mechanic and have them check it out some quick checks you can do for your self though is things like check for cold AC, check for radio, check that the car does not make noises and drive at least 6 miles without incident while listening for noise. Check that the breaks do not make noise and that it works well check that the gear shift is working by changing it a couple.

T-Rex Jumping game from chrome

Muahahhaha Play this T-Rex jumping arcade game just tap top play/ Tap to jump none stop can you be the best ? doubt I was able to make it through 3 day night cycles :P

2020 nevada democratic caucuses results landslide victory

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders had a huge land slide victory over the other candidates with a whopping 7 delegates it seems no amount of smear campaigns can stop this immovable object that is the Bernie sanders revolution. He has completely knocked out candidates such as Andrew Yang, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Elizabeth warren & finally Pete Buttigieg. This maybe due to the massive amount of scandals and obvious smear campaigns directed at Bernie such as digging up his past 45 years ago when Bernie said that he believes there should be a cap on the amount of money someone can make, Obvious communistic statement there but Bernie said that was a long time ago and he was right that was almost damn near 5 decades and people can change and evolve in that time don't we all ? it is truly unfortunate that he is being attacked every where he goes: by the pharmasutical industry making millions of dollars off the poor, by the huge companies abusing the u.s tax system paying way less than the working class people, would you believe us if we told you that Amazon paid next to nothing in taxes last year? yes the trillion dollar company Amazon paid next to nothing for all the stores they closed down last year. His supporters will not waiver. we do believe Bernie Sanders has a strong chance of winning the 2020 presidential election which means bad news for president Trump who wanted to run for another term.

Here is a picture of Barney constructed from snow

View Picture of Barney

Logan Paul Dis track on American Foot Ball Player Antonio Brown

Full Video - Going Broke Music Video

Deer Crashes into hair salon video

This deer crashed into a hair salon it broke many windows but nobody was hurt during the incident it is unclear just what caused the deer to run through the window but it appeared to be crossing the road. This was a very large deer and easily could have caused harm to the patricians

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