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Take a stroll around Paris

Paris simulator walk around Paris in real life using google 3d data.

Take a tour around venice !!!

In this blob you can take a tour around Venice, it is a city built on water and with rising sea levels is at risk of disappearing for ever.

Where do insects go in the winter ?

In this video we will see where insects go in the winter

Blob fish an alien fish.

The Blob fish or scientific name Psychrolutes marcidusis a fish that does not look like its from earth, this fish is poisonous to eat but is still endangered because of human fishing techniques such as trawling. They get put under extreme pressure in there natural habitation as they stay thousands of feet below sea level

The Joker vs Pennywise. Epic Rap Battles Of History


Real Life Laser Video

High Power Laser tattoo remover (Way too powerful)

Funny video


Loading blogs (8)