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Thomas the train meme

Dumped by a girl I loved.

So this story goes way back to highschool, and basically what happened was I met this girl, I remember seeing her and thinking to my self this can't be real, she saw me looking and smiled, then came up to ask me some questions like when did I start high school and what I thought of the school so far, and couple minutes later I asked her for the digits, and she gave me them to my surprise. So fast forward couple days I had not text her because I was afraid she might see me as "needy" the stupid stuff you think as a kid right ? anyways she sent me a..

What is a Pluviophile Definition

A Pluviophile is someone who loves rain, loves everything about it, loves running in it, and some even love the smell of rain, a some Pluviophiles gain sexual arousal from the rain, and others just feel happier when it rains there is an estimated 30% or more of people that experience some form of Pluviophile feelings

Big man con artist meme full video

What happens when a con artist tries to con a con artist

Forbidden Memes

Do not watch these memes if you are sensitive

YouTuber aka Mr Beast wants to plant 20 million trees.

A YouTuber called Mr beast or real name Jimmy Donaldson wants to plant 20 million trees, he decides that he will do it through a foundation called NATIONAL ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION , he has also partnered with popular X Nasa Scientist Mark Rober who is also a YouTuber in order to get this done, he is requesting donations to his organization called #teamtrees we would like to raise awareness and show our support. So please donate to #TeamTrees via the linked YouTube video, as of writing this there is $553,161 pledged

Earth from space live stream

Here is a live stream from nasa about earth from space.

Fortnite Funny Moments


Loading blogs (8)