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How to Protect your eyes without computer glasses

Have you guys ever wandered just what one of the main cause of eye strain was ? it is blue lights all our screens use it and recently it has being discovered that blue lights cause damage to eyes because of just how deep into the eye it penetrates, but never fear I have got you covered I am going to show you ways to protect your eyes using blue light filters that come pre built for free.

What should I know before going to Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country, but as a Jamaican my self I can tell you it can be dangerous to go there without knowing the overall culture and the political and economical situation in Jamaica, it is a country that as of 2019 has had a murder rate of over 50 per hundred thousand and when I use to live there. I could personally say that there was a shooting every week in Old Harbor which is one of the more peaceful parts of the country, the reason for this is partially due to the culture of Jamaica, if you listen to the music...

Dumped by a girl I loved.

So this story goes way back to highschool, and basically what happened was I met this girl, I remember seeing her and thinking to my self this can't be real, she saw me looking and smiled, then came up to ask me some questions like when did I start high school and what I thought of the school so far, and couple minutes later I asked her for the digits, and she gave me them to my surprise. So fast forward couple days I had not text her because I was afraid she might see me as "needy" the stupid stuff you think as a kid right ? anyways she sent me a..

What is a Pluviophile Definition

A Pluviophile is someone who loves rain, loves everything about it, loves running in it, and some even love the smell of rain, a some Pluviophiles gain sexual arousal from the rain, and others just feel happier when it rains there is an estimated 30% or more of people that experience some form of Pluviophile feelings

Big man con artist meme full video

What happens when a con artist tries to con a con artist

Forbidden Memes

Do not watch these memes if you are sensitive

YouTuber aka Mr Beast wants to plant 20 million trees.

A YouTuber called Mr beast or real name Jimmy Donaldson wants to plant 20 million trees, he decides that he will do it through a foundation called NATIONAL ARBOR DAY FOUNDATION , he has also partnered with popular X Nasa Scientist Mark Rober who is also a YouTuber in order to get this done, he is requesting donations to his organization called #teamtrees we would like to raise awareness and show our support. So please donate to #TeamTrees via the linked YouTube video, as of writing this there is $553,161 pledged

Earth from space live stream

Here is a live stream from nasa about earth from space.

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