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an untitled goose game - everything you need to know

The Untitled Goose Game is a phenomenom of a game and the overall goal of the game seems to be playing as a goose that terrorize an English town it seems to be a sandbox style game, that is "family friendly" so no gore or violence check it out at

Bank robbery in Michigan 2 suspects at large

on Sept 30 2019 a chase bank in Michigan was robbed, the two suspects are still being chased by police . It is said that they got away in a tan ford escape.

Earthquake hits Chile

An earthquake with a magnitude 6.8 was detected off the coast of Chile . Officials say that it is not likely to cause a tsunami that hits the country.

Karate kid actor Robert Garrison died at 9/27/2019

The karate kid actor who played Tommy has died at age 59. The cause of death is related to kidney and liver issues. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in west virginia. staying for over 30 days till his organs shutdown. He was well respected and no doubt played apart in many of the viewers here childhoods. Rest in Peace Garrison your legacy will not be forgotten

Somebody actually raided area 51

This video by daily dose of the internet shows a lady walking right pass the guards click view-blob to see video

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star Music shane dawson documentary

The iphone 11 pro durability test

how durable is it?

This robot does parkour

a robot that does parkour atlas, this is a robot created by BostonDynamics

Loading blogs (8)