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Tries to catch rat

Epic fail.

What is endemism

The word endemism refers to a species that is unique to a specific geographical area the word endemism comes from the word endemic which reffers to of a limited group or particular area some examples of animals that are endemic can be found in this list.

Barbra streisand papa can you hear me


Igor Full Movie


Alex Jones meme

Eat you music video

Jaden Hossler Bryce Arrested

Jaden Hossler & Bryce Hall has being arrested in connection with drug use. for those of you un ware these are both tik tok stars according to sources they were charged in connection with the drug marijuana or weed less than two ounces and posted bail at 5000 dollars however hossler had connection with a controlled substance which is a felony and has a 6500 bail

Why don't elite soldiers and Navy SEALs have physiques like Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel?

The Answer for this is quite simple some soldiers do and some do not there is a lot that goes into body building and bigger is necessarily always better. Secondly Soldiers would have to be eating a massive amount of food to maintain such a body type which is not always available and then there is the nature of genetics in this blog you can see pictures of dwaynes and vin disel father and it can give you a better in sight in to why they are the way they are.

What is the weirdest way someone became rich?

Danielle Bregoli became rich by being berrated and laughed at on tv, yes belive it or not this young girl 13 at the time became rich for being rude and boisterous she went on the dr phil show and with her infamous phrase catch me outside how bout that when the audience began to boo her cemented her place in the internet as not only a meme but a rich meme with a networth of 4 million dollars

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