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The Legend of Bruce Lee

The account of the incredible combative techniques symbol Bruce Lee tailing him from Hong Kong to America and back again|leading up to his awful demise at 32 years old.

Barbra streisand papa can you hear me


The American Civil War Over Simplified Part 2 video

This is a video of the American Civil War documented and simplified

Real Life Laser Video

High Power Laser tattoo remover (Way too powerful)

Coronavirus USA | Potential 200000 casualties

Its being announced that experts predict up to 200,000 people that could loose there lives the sad fact however is that this number is extremely conservative. This number represents the best case scenario if everybody followed social distancing to the teeth but same states like Florida have not even made it mandatory and other states have only partially implemented such measures. The president had hoped to re open the country early Easter but backed out of that decision after further thought and now the country is set to re open at the end of April. the epicenter of Covid19 cases is in new york city un surprisingly this is not only due to the high condensation of people but the high amount of people travel in and out of new york. Another problem states are facing is the lack of ventilators some states have requested as much as 40,000 but so far have received next to nothing many people are criticizing the president for not invoking the war time presidential power called the Defense Production Act which is an Act that allows the president to compel various companies to make equipment that the country requires so far the president has only ordered GM to start and experts say it may take up to two months to really get production going. We here at SliderBlob are saddened by the current situation but are doing our part to insure the security and safety of the people around us by social distancing, and we hope that you doing the same.

Jaden Hossler Bryce Arrested

Jaden Hossler & Bryce Hall has being arrested in connection with drug use. for those of you un ware these are both tik tok stars according to sources they were charged in connection with the drug marijuana or weed less than two ounces and posted bail at 5000 dollars however hossler had connection with a controlled substance which is a felony and has a 6500 bail

Space X first maned mission to Space !!

You heard it here folks we are sending two people to space and by far this is a moment that will go down in history as this si the first time ever that a private company has sent someone to space elon musk for all his wealth its not what makes him so valuable to our society its his ability to push for reform and change in our world for the better he definitely is one of the most valuable people on earth

How many Toy cars can pull a real car ?

This video by mrbeast will show you whether or not toy cars can pull real cars !

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