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The Legend of King Solomon

Youthful Solomon is charmed by the Queen of Sheeba, who has shown up to check his reasonableness for marriage. In his enthusiasm to dazzle her, he breaks his late dad's order and inadvertently discharges the fiend Asmodeus from his jail in the gut of the earth. Releasing ruin, Asmodeus assumes control over the Kingdom of Jerusalem and ousts Solomon. At the point when Solomon shows up in Petra, he meets the delightful and brave Princess Naama. Together, they look for an approach to end Asmodeus' oppressive hunger for power.

Goodbye World

At the point when a secretive digital assault handicaps human advancement, a gathering of old school companions retreat to a remote nation home, where they should adapt to a dubious future while shielding themselves against urgent pariahs. 2014 GOODBYE WORLD, LLC 2014 Phase 4 Films (USA), LLC. All Rights Reserved. Stage 4 Films, the Phase 4 Films logo and every related title, logos and indicia are trademarks of Phase 4 Films Inc. All Rights Reserved. Dispersed only in the United States by Phase 4 Films (USA), LLC. /460 Greenway Industrial Drive, Suite A, Fort Mill, SC 29708/1.866.495.3650/

Spiders 3D

A Soviet space transport collides with a New York City metro burrow, discharging a savage armed force of transformed bugs. Featuring Sydney Sweeney ("The Handmaid's Tale").


A typical day on the slopes turns into a chilling nightmare for three snowboarders when they get stranded on the chairlift before their last run.

Contract Killer

Two hired gunmen, one a beginner and the other a veteran with poor karma, rally to discover the "Ruler of Killers" for whom there is an enormous prize.

Dinosaur Island

A kid and a young lady end up stranded in a place where there is wonder just to find that from the beginning of time things have bafflingly vanished to this tragically deceased world. Together, they set out on their otherworldly excursion to get back home, and en route experience inborn locals, fierce dinosaurs and a land since a long time ago overlooked.

Little Ghost

The Little Ghost lives in the stronghold over looking a modest community and stirs for correctly one hour after the clock strikes 12 PM. Tail him on this experience to see his first dawn ever!

Animal Memes

To put a smile on your face

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