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Cyber Awareness month october

As of writing this we are in cyber security awareness month. So a little about me I was computer savvy from a very young age so nobody understands security more than me. And here i will try and point out common things that can cause issues digitally.

#1 https

So what is https when compared to http? Https is a protocol used for security basically it makes sure that the website you are visiting is actually the website and not some trojan website pretending to be it. Hackers who create trojan sites normally do so with the intent to steal information. And they wouldnt need to gain such information from the server because you would be the one entering the information So always make sure you ser https in the browser unless the website does not have it at all and if that is the case you should refraim from using such websites

#2 R.A.T

A RAT is a remote administrative tool. Basically it provides a back door into your compuer where hackers can do everything from steal passwords to sending creepy voip messages. Voip stands for voice over ip, and it is a protocol similarly used in video games.

#3 memory injection

This is a form of exploit where code is injected into already running program the bad can then manipulate the program to do what ever it wants. This technique is most commonly used in video games by cheaters

#4 Website Security cross site hacks

I am going to try to keep this one simple. So first some facts over 60% of websites are vulnerable to such attacks, and this form of attack involves putting html or java sctipt code directly into a blog form, username etc , using this a cheaters can do all kinds of stuff such as stealing cookies

#5 Website security sql injection

This is a form of hack that manipulates the database of websites for example if a website was to check for a user loging in they could change the code sql code so that the returned value is always true. I will not show examples on them.directly but i will tell you how to prevent those exploits from happening and the answer is simple either escape user input so that it is read as string or parse user data so that it does not have such code in it. With escaping being the better option


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