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Chased at 10 years old by a vicious dog

How it Started

I had received a bike for my birthday. At the time I never usually came out side for anything. I was a bit of a house mouse to be honest. But I decided to take it out for a spin

The Neighborhood

I came upon a street couple blocks over. Not a single person in sight, not even a car. to some people that's a clear red flag, but to 10 year old me that's the perfect place to ride my bike, so I began riding, I began to slowly pick up speed but by the time I got 3 houses down I heard a loud bark, and out the corner of my eye I saw a dog brown fur and a deadly gaze chasing me. I didn't know what to think at the time, I only began to paddle as fast as I could, but the dog began to catch up, it was right up on my left lag and began biting at it....

My Heart Stopped

What do you do at 10 years old ? I thought I was going to die there, not a single person in sight and this dog about to tear into my flesh. But as the dog went in for the bite I lift up my left leg and began paddling with my right leg as fast as I could in an effort to avoid getting bit, I am not sure just how I was able to do that. But I guess in what feels like a life and death situation you will find a way. I got the the end of the street and as I was out of this dog territory she left me alone. Yup turns out that dog was a mom

The puppies

She was protecting her babies. Thats the reason she was aggressive, actually we went over there and got a puppy called lucky, which actually grew up to have a temper as bad as her mom. But she was a beloved dog and a favorite among our entire family. If you want more animal stories like this one, drop a like it would mean a lot thank you.


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