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A true scary story

How it started

I had a unnamed girlfriend that I met in the country side she stayed with her mother and brothers. On the day I met her mom there was something off about her, she seemed as if she wasn't a real person or as if she was a robot.

The scary part

Anyways she asked me my name and I politely said it I will never forget her emotionless face when she said be careful on the road tonight, I pondered just what she could have meant and went home feeling very uneasy. the next day I woke up I heard that two boys had died. That sent shivers down my spine, anyways fast forward a week, we had a laptop that was basically a desktop because the laptop battery was bad, and to give you a better picture of the scenery it was right next to our veranda as I stood there about to login there was a shadow in the

The first appearance of the creature

Corner of my eye, I shrugged it off and continued to login but then our dog started growling at me viciously and barking, this was strange as our dog was docile and I cursed out what the you know what is wrong with you, that is when I realized she wasn't barking at me but what was behind me I felt a gripping fear as I turned around to see shadow with no legs staring at me. I turned back around and prayed for what felt like 30 minutes and as I opened my eyes and turned back around our dog still barking it stared at me then flashed away

The second appearance of the creature

It was late at night, and there is more than 5 people that witnessed this story. we heard a knocking on the washing machine but how could that be possible ? the door was closed. it went bam, bam , bam in a unique sequence and continued for at least 5 minutes, my cousins and brothers looked with fear in there eyes rationalizing it by saying maybe it was just our dog who got in and is wagging her tale. But then the banging stop , and not even 5 seconds the same sequence on the veranda door. BAM, BAM, BAM. All 5 of us ran into


my uncles room waking him up out of his sleep. He laughed at us at hearing the prospect and begin walking around the house, the rest of us staying inside of his room. He continued laughing at us for the rest of the night but we all knew what happened


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