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Pacman 30th anniversary - Everything you need to know

Pacman is a game many of us grew up on, did you know the original Japanese name for Pacman was Puckman but when it was released in western English speaking nations the u was change to an a as the publishers feared "vandals" or troublemakers rather would swap the p to an f and you can guess the kind of impression that could give off. This gold mine of a game was made on May 22, 1980, Pacman was created by a Japanese company known as Bandai Namco Entertainment, they are well known today for other popular games such as Tekken, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4. But I digress on this day the world would change as the game took the world by storm , creating something known as Pacman fever. To put it simply this game was very fun and very very addictive. Pacman pushed gaming to the next level creating a boom of what is now known as the golden age of arcade where not only would it push the limits of technological advancement as it relates to video games but it would see the birth of many 1 hit wonder arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Space Invaders and Ms Pacman which was a version of Pacman meant to represent the female gamers that helped make Pacman the 1 hit wonder it was and the house hold name it is today. currently the high score for Pacman as of the 30th anniversary is 3,333,360 Points, set by Billy Mitchell, which is a mind boggling number considering points for fruits range from 100 to 5000 and points for the ghost Pacman eat's is set at 200 points that means that in order to achieve this goal you as a player would have to eat over 16 thousands ghost or over 6 hundred fruits while said ghosts chase after you. His high score have yet to be beaten so if you believe you are up for the challenge set up a camera and play ! with this 30th anniversary you can play a google doodle of the game online simply by searching Pacmans 30th anniversary or going to google doodles library directly at https://www.google.com/doodles/30th-anniversary-of-pac-man Or if your interested swipe left and play this pacman inspired game known as pacrat

Pacrat - Pacman inspired arcade style game.

Created by Yu Xinyi


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