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Sabrent 4 Port USB HUB | Should You Buy ?

The Sabrent 4 Port USB Hub is as the name suggests is a USB Connectable USB extender. Basically, it will allow you to connect more USB devices to your device. Some computers only come with 1 or two USB connection points and that may not always be enough after you attach a gaming mouse and headset, what this means is that this is a very useful device to have even if you may not need one right away. You can do things like attach an external hard drive or even charge your mobile device, you can connect extenders together to get even more freedom in terms of connections. The device itself is very light and portable, it has a sleek design with LED lights surrounding the buttons. The cable is about 7 inches long which is plenty and the color of the device is black. The device should last you and is overall a useful tool to have, I would recommend picking up one of these even just as a carry on.

This is what the Sabrent 4 port USB looks like.

This is what the Sabrent 4 port USB looks like.


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