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What is Life in the Army Like?

Here I am going to try and keep it breif. Life in the Army can be much like a civilian job but that depends a lot on your chain of command and your MOS or job if you are not military inclined. A basic job routine is PT or training from 0630 to 0730 after that you eat food and chill till 0900 where you gotta be at work or where ever the place of duty is for that day. then you work till 5 pm after which you are off for the rest of the day. Remember though don't do anything illegal what so ever where military or civilian cause you could get the boot

How to make use of your time in the military

There are various benefits of being in the military that I will list out here, so number one, if you are in the military then you should at least be attending college, you see the issue is if you do not attend college then you are basically wasting money, as you get your college paid for with the tuition assistance program, also you can still apply for your FASFA if you need additional income, but get that degree as people like to say the military is 100 percent secure but it's not there is a bunch of other things I will list out here to explain, for example, the 20 year retire mark. This is the big one, the big dream that you are sold your entire time in the army, do 20 years and retire with your pay grade, you see the thing with this is it is 100 percent true, you retire with whatever pay you were getting, so what is the bad thing you might wonder, it is one word, inflation. You see typically inflation is 2 to 3 percent per year, so this means that your payment is essentially losing 2 to 3 percent of value per year so if you got in the army at let's say 17, and now its 30 years later so with the advent of covid and the government printing money lets say inflation rate is 3 percent, 3 times 30 is 90, this means when you are 47 your pay would have lost 90 percent of its value, so if you are making say 2000 a month now with 100 percent in 30 years you would basically be making the equivalent of 200 dollars per month.

How to make use of your time in the military continued

Do you think you can live off 200 dollars per month now? neither do I, so it is important to invest your money whether that is in real estate or the stock market where your money will grow on average 8 to 10 percent per year more than keeping pace with inflation. So yes the sweet dream of doing 20 years and retiring is a myth because in 30 years you are going to have to end up working again unless you invest. The other thing I will talk about is using your VA Loan to buy a house, this is very important you want to build as much capital as you can and a house is one of them, you see what many people do not realize is that if you buy a house and it grows in value you can do what is called a cash out refinance which is where the value of the home is greater than the loan amount, so you can essentially repay the loan and cash in the profits of the home, it is the opposite of regular refinancing, in this case, the bank owes you money.


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