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Marlene Fuery (Child Fights Back From Whooping)

Marlene Fuery is a single Jamaican mom of 3 who now lives in sunrise Florida. One of her daughters was arguing with a sibling over $10, Marlene intervened and decided to deliver some ass-whooping. The girl at the time was 11 and sustained injuries such as a broken finger, the child ran to the neighbor for assistance, who promptly called the police, Marlene bail at the time was set $10,000. corporal punishment, is very common in third world countries such as Jamaica, so instances of this are very common I can recall some personal experiences where I witnessed a mom, throwing rocks the size of a football at her fleeing teenager or beating children with just about any she can find such as Pots Plates, Bush and much more, I even witnessed a mom beating a child with a cut-lass for those of you not from jamaica its basically a sword, typically rusty. It is used for cutting grass and other vegetation, or if you have seen movies you can see that it is used when clearing a lot of vegetation. The child is now a grown adult and a TikTok star, sharing her story across the platform. she says that her mom and she now have a good relationship and laugh about this story now, her tiktok @ is @thatstrinfool.


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