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Play Neon Invaders(Space invasion game)

Neon Invaders is a space invasion arcade style game, take out the alien invaders in order to win, the difficulty increases as you progress through the game.

Neon Invaders

By New kids games

Neon Invaders game origin and controls

The Neon Invaders game is similar to a game called space invaders which first made its debut in 1978, it was an arcade game both manufactured and sold by a developer known as Tomohiro Nishikdo who is a Japanese video game developer, his game was an instant success, bringing in net profits of over 450 million dollars adjusted for inflation this means the game made a mind-boggling amount of money. And as such is considered one of the most influential video games of all time, as it single-handedly propelled the gaming industry forward as many companies and investors realized just how much profits could be made, as such it propelled the golden age of arcade video games, where many games such as Pac Man, Tron, Defender and of course Donkey kong would make its reign supreme. So it is no wonder why many spin-off games came about by people inspired by the success of this 2-dimensional video game and its addictive nature, and Neon Invaders is one of them this fun game features a somewhat modern take on the 1978 blockbuster where it supports both mobile and desktop players, controls for pc players include the arrow keys and space bar to fire while controls for mobile simply utilizes touch in which the movement controls are on the far left meanwhile the fire controls are on the far right. as you defeat the invaders the difficulty increases and the enemy invaders become faster so it can take a lot of strategy and thinking in order to win.


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