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Horizon Zero Dawn PATCH 1.05 Improves Graphic & Game Quality

The Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.05 patch notes summarized : Issues fixed includes virtual ram over load, this would cause the game to crash due to a lack of free ram, also fixed crashes due to various antiviruses, and issues related to the launch app steam was also fixed and issues related to the NetPresenceManager was also fixed.

Graphical Improvements

An option to turn off the sometimes annoying blurry sidebars was added in ultra-wide resolutions, most probably will not use this option as a black bar will replace the blur but for those who find it annoying this is the fix, there was also a resolution fix for when tabbing out and back in this would cause the resolution to shift from the correct one, graphical errors were also fixed. and animations in game are no longer capped at 30 frames per second this should allow for faster animations

Other Minor Improvements

Allowed more players to run game as there was a operating system limit before. The option to disable vibrations for console users was added. This should be all relevant information about the patch notes


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