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Top ten richest people in the world 2019.

here is a list of the top ten richest people in the world as of 2019

#10 - Larry Page. 50 billion and 800 million dollars net-worth

Larry help found google in 1998 with a parter called sergey Brin he is still a owner of alphabet which is googles mother company.

#9 Michael Bloomberg - net-worth 55 billion and 500 million

He is the owner of media company called Bloomberg LP

#8 Mark Zuckerberg aka the lizard( jk) networth 62 billion 300 million net-worth

Its no secret here mark gets most of his wealth from facebook. unfortunate for him though due to recent scandals he has lost a lot of his revenue

Larry Ellison 58 billion dollars networth

He is a co founder of the software company known as oracle

Amancio Ortega 62 billion and 700 million dollars networth

He was a member and chairman of the company known as Inditex which is where he got most of his wealth

Carlos Slim Helu Networth 64 billion

He is the richest man in mexico , he owns various companies and take part in other companies such as the newyork times but he is most known for his company America Movil which is the biggest mobile company in Latin america

Bernard Arnault - 76 Billion dollars networth

Arnault is the wealthiest man in Europe he is most known for his ownership of big brands such as Vuitton and Sephora

Warren Buffet - 82 billion 500 million networth

Buffet has garnered most of his wealth through investments however he is a philanthropist and commits to giving most of it to charity

Bill Gates - 96.5 billion networth

Well we all knew he would be on here at some point and here we have it the man the myth the legend bill gates. He gets his wealth from microsoft mostly and is a philanthropist just like the individual we mentioned in the previous post, he gives away most of his money to research on various diseases. And is one of the most beloved rich people of all time

Jeff Bezos - 131 Billion dollars networth

So just so you all realize how much money that is lets write it out 131,000,000,000 do you see all those zeros? Bezos is known as the owner of amazon he started amazon in his garage of all places and is know the richest man alive.


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