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Is Aquarius The Worst Sign Honest Truth

The Truth About Aquarius people is actually different that many would think as an aquarius here is my take. This is the strengths of an Aquarius Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian. And these are our supposed weaknesses Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof. Now personally as an aquarius I can say the last two do not apply to me I am more than willing to look at the other persons view point and change my perspective to try and get a better read on the situation so we can both be happy. So again thats not correct as if you read more you can see that aquarius people are intellectuals and love having a conversation so stating we are uncompromising is not true. And the statement that aquarius people is aloof could not be further from the truth. The fact is Aquarius people are hyper emotional and because of that fact they appear to be aloof in order to protect them selves because once someone gets close to an Aquarius and hurts them the Aquarius people tend to feel it a lot worst than any other sign because they genuinely care about the people around them. A lot more than them selves so some people say Aquarius have an ego thing I do not believe is true as Aquarius do indeed care about other people more than them selves hence the humanitarian bit. Obviously you all should take everything you read online with a grain of salt and its not going to be able to predict a person 100% we are all different.


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