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Flight 7500

From the chief of The Grudge comes this spine-chilling excursion into dread. On a departure from Los Angeles to Tokyo, a plane is shaken by extreme climate. At the point when the choppiness dies down, a traveler unexpectedly bites the dust—and a powerful power is released, surpassing the travelers as they frantically battle to make sense of what it is and how to stop it.

Sub Plot

Vista Pacific Airlines flight 7500, a Boeing 747-300, leaves from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Travelers locally available incorporate a gathering of two traveling couples, Lyn (Aja Evans) and Jack (Ben Sharples) and Brad (Ryan Kwanten) and Pia (Amy Smart), who have subtly separated; a cheat named Jake (Alex Frost); a dubious finance manager going with a bizarre wooden box, Lance (Rick Kelly); a young lady named Raquel (Christian Serratos); love birds Rick (Jerry Ferrara) and the inflated Liz (Nicky Whelan); and the goth Jacinta (Scout Taylor-Compton). Air ladies Laura (Leslie Bibb) and Suzy (Jamie Chung) welcome the travelers ready, and Suzy questions Laura about her mystery relationship with the wedded skipper, Pete (Johnathon Schaech). A couple of hours into the flight, the plane hits disturbance that before long passes. Spear has a fit of anxiety and starts to drain lavishly from his mouth. At the point when Lance out of nowhere kicks the bucket, Captain Pete keeps on japaning, moving the five star travelers into Economy class and keeping Lance's body in the shut off top of the line. Laura sees plastic water bottles imploding and rapidly cautions everybody to affix their safety belts, similarly as the internal compression drops. As the breathing devices are apportioned over the seats, a thick smoke fills the lodge. After the internal compression gets back to business as usual and the smoke vanishes..


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