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What is the recovery rate for Coronavirus

The Recovery rate for corona virus varies depending on the country and any number probably is not 100% accurate because of a lack of testing however if we take the global number of cases recovered which is 273,546 and the total deaths which is 72,638 then we divide 72638 by 273546 and multiply that by 100 and minus that result from 100 we get a recovery rate of 74% globally keep in mind this number is likely a lot higher in reality because of a lack of testing , and some countries just having a down right poor healthcare system so take that with a grain of salt. If you want a recovery rate for cases where covid19 is taken seriously and people do not overwhelm the healthcare system and we are gonna use china for example the recovery rate there is 96 percent if you take the 3,331 divided by 77,078 recoveries. This means most people will have a damn near 100% recovery rate if they take it seriously and have access to health care.


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