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The stock market has crashed because of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus has seriously affected the stock market but it is not irreversible. I recommend that everybody that is able buy stock from reputable companies and sources as you are almost guaranteed to get a good ROI . for those of you interested join robin hood @ join.robinhood.com/geavanw the average investor has lost 40% as of march the 21 and that number has not seem to dwindle any further so it is perhaps the time to invest and there is news that there may be not only a vaccine but treatment for the coronavirus on the horizon due to companies working at very unusual speeds. the current wait time for a vaccine is about a year at least but treatment could me made available in as little as a couple of months. And for those of you interested the way this vaccine works is that the researchers were using the proteins basically keys on the viruses body to put it in lei-man terms and basically what they are hoping is for anti bodies to be created for this specific key and when detected the body can then destroy the corona virus so what this means is that this does not utilize live viruses nor does it utilize dead virusesm, so this relatively new type of vaccine is a lot safer and thus can be created a lot quicker than traditional vaccines. It is currently in phase 1 of 3 in testing.


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