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Logan Paul Dis track on American Foot Ball Player Antonio Brown

Full Video - Going Broke Music Video

Logan Paul - Going Broke Dis Track Synopsis And Origin.

It is no secret that boxing had taken over youtube in 2019, with fights such as Deji vs jake paul and Logan Paul vs JJ, in all honesty, youtube boxing has spun into something completely unimaginable, with YouTubers constantly calling out each other, and in this case, it is what fueled this diss track as logan paul wanted to fight Antonio. Youtube boxing pays millions per fight as they charge pay per view, which means users had to pay in order to view the fight live and the user is not supposed to share the fight, so as a result if anybody wanted to view the fight they had to pay for it themselves. But that did not stop a lot of people from streaming the fight live on twitch, although many of those accounts were retroactively banned there are many people that got to see the fight live for free in particular if they used a different streaming service apart from twitch which likely happened, potentially taking a large sum of the revenue away from the fighters but all the fighters should have walked away with around a million dollars regardless, these were all very popular people after all with millions of subscribers. So now there is a lot of YouTubers and companies realizing the potential profit to be made in boxing, and I personally think this is a good thing as mainstream media will begin to recognize YouTubers more, which will bring more advertisers, and overall help to grow the platform.


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