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New discoveries 2020 - Cure for Cancer | 5G | Technology

This blob contains various technology discoveries of 2020 including the cure for cancer , 5G wireless technology and much more you wont believe the amount of discoveries made

The Cure for Cancer

Recently biological professionals have discovered a possible cure for cancer accidentally basically the story goes like this a doctor was synthesizing killer T cells and as the name suggest those are cells that specialize in killing stuff i.e stuff that's not good for you such as bacteria. The reasearches infected cancer cells with a bacteria and tested the modified killer T cell and they found that the killer T cell not only would kill the bacteria but also the entire cancer cell and that's not the best part the virus reportedly left healthy cells alone. The researchers pushed further and tested cancers such as breast cancer, Prostate cancer basically the whole thing and they found that the same results were present they immediately began trials in animals and with hope human trials could begin as early as 5 years. Killer T cells are cells that are usually present in humans BTW and they are able to recognize healthy cells using a connector that's on the cell it basically interrogates cells to find out if they are bad or not they are also the bodies main way of fighting cancer.


5G technology is right around the corner and with it there is a lot of excitement but also a lot of misinformation this includes some people saying that 5G can literally cause cancer which couldn't be more far from the truth 5G uses higher frequency however than regular old 4G for example however the radio waves are far too large to actually affect human DNA one draw back of 5G though is as we previously mentioned 5G uses high frequencies those have easy time traveling through buildings but have a very low range so range in fact that companies may have to build a 5G station ever 5 houses in order to get full coverage but many say it is worth it because 5G offers high speeds of up to 100GB per second ! that is massive and that is the main drive behind 5G many believe that it could revolutionize a lot of technologies such as automation of vehicles or driver less vehicles due to massive amount of increased speed. The first 5G phone is the Image result for what is the first 5g phone Moto Z3 and Moto Z4 respectively


So this one is a little bit different and is perhaps is not all that new however we need to talk about this new image format offering compression of up to 50% when compared to regular image formats like JPG or PNG from the research we have gathered webp is a special format that uses loss less and lossy compression techniques which as the name suggest are techniques where data is not loss and data is lost respectively web P also basically combines GIF with regular image formats and is supported and backed by Google. using WebP will provide for smaller data consumed and thus will make browsing the image a lot cheaper for us mobile users basically expect your monthly bill to drop by up to 50% SliderBlob has also being looking into image optimization and we have seen a dramatic drop in utilization of data from individual users ! so this is one we will keep our eye on for the near future.


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