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Somebody actually raided area 51

This video by daily dose of the internet shows a lady walking right pass the guards click view-blob to see video. Let us say we do not recommend trying to get into area 51, it is a restricted area for government use only and trespassers could be put in jail or even taken out by the guards depending on the situation, so better safe than sorry. Area 51 has being touted as a place that has aliens or alien technology whether that's actually true or not we will probably never know. There is another location as well called Area 52 which is said to be similar to Area 51 but rather more like Area 51's little brother. Area 51's conspiracy about aliens is over 70 years old, and over the last 70 years people have claimed to either work or have worked for area 51 , and in a not so secret way confirm that they are aliens in area 51, however it is important to remember that these are just random people that may or may not be telling the truth so its important to take everything they say with a grain of salt, as some people might make such claims so they can gain fame. Recently there was a nother conspiracy theory floating around that said the government confirmed the existence of aliens , however these claims are yet to be truly validated and such cannot be taken seriously as of now. But some of the claims can be convincing giving the alleged videos tho with the rise of editing tools such as photo shop it is possible these are all fake.

Lady raiding area 51

raid in progress


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