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Player Arrow Game Free Online

This Arrow Shooting Game is a game where you have to shoot at enemy NPCs and hit them before they hit you, it gets harder and harder as you progress in the game it gets harder and harder, with moving platforms and sometimes multiple enemies all at once, headshots do extra damage taking out the enemy NPC instantly. The controls are the mouse where you either tap or click towards where you are aiming and your player will shoot an arrow. This game is simple yet addictive just tap and takeout your enemies, and yes this stick man archery game does support mobile players, so you can play on your phone or tablet! if you really like this game as well you can either bookmark this page or download the SliderBlob app and play all the games and view all of the blogs right from the app no browser necessary, however, the app is currently only available on android, but you can still simply bookmark the page or save the link to your mobile phone screen. Like and share this game with your friends and family, then we will add more games of this type to our website. Can you beat my high score of 58?

Arrow Shooter Game

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This blob was posted on 02-12-2020 it has 457 👀 and 0 👍

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