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Full Jeffree Star Documentary By Shane Dawson

Jeffree Star is a youtuber that is in the beauty industry, shane dawson decided that he was going to do a documentary series on him, because as it turns out the beauty industry has a lot of dirty secrets.

Jeffree Star Promo

So for some transparency, I am a big fan of Shane Dawson's documentary series on especially this one on James Charles, where he details the life of a beauty youtube and business person. In this documentary Shane Dawson essentially is Giving you a glimpse into the dark and dirty beauty industry, I honestly did not expect to hear about some of the things these companies and beauty YouTubers take part in, and you get to see another side of James Charles that is honestly kind of scary. Apparently, competition is fierce in the beauty world, so it's hard to actually be successful but James Charles has come out on top thanks to his dedication and support from his fans. You can also check out the documentary on youtube.

Who is Jeffree Star ?

Jeferee Lynn Steininger JR, was born on november the 15 year 1985 and is an american internet celebrity , beauty youtuber - (https://www.youtube.com/user/jeffreestar) . Jeferee Star primarily does videos related to beauty and has being said to be more in the spotlight than most beauty brands

Why is Jeffree Star Famous ?

Jeffree Star is most is known for being a entrepreneur , Star created a brand known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics and after promoting the brand on youtube gained over 15 million subscribers and over 1.7 billion views. Jeffree Star's network is now over $50 million dollars


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