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Coronavirus Should we be scared

The Coronavirus is a virus that originated in Wuhan china this virus is capable of human to human transmission and is believed to be transmittable during the incubation period or the time before symptoms occur. The virus also originated from animals and is known to cause respiratory illness. Ok now for what you have being waiting for should you be scared ? The answer is yes and no this is potentially fatal to about 10% of people some sources put this number higher at 20% but anybody with a healthy immune system should be able to get over the virus relatively easy in particul

Update On Vaccines

There is a wide variety of companies all said to have produced working vaccines some of these companies include Pfizer, Moderna, and Novax. Pfizer's vaccine, in particular, has a unique feature about it in that it actually utilizes mRNA which works in random with DNA simply put RNA carries instructions from DNA so with that said the vaccine simply works by using as far as we know a harmless process of injecting modified RNA where the body can become exposed and thus build up a resistance tot he virus without every actually contracting the virus itself. So in some sense mRNA vaccines appear on the surface level to be safer than regular vaccines since they do not require the virus itself whether inactive or otherwise. However, there have been speculations that some people may be allergic to the Pfizer vaccine but so far there has not been any fatal allergic reactions, and new guidelines on just who can get the vaccine has been introduced in order to help reduce such incidents from happening again.


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