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I was a teenage werewolf 1957 Full Movie

This blob features the full movie for I was Teenage werewolf 1957

Video Of WereWolf

This movie was directed by Gene Cohen, Produced by Herman Cohen and Stars michael Landon, Whit Bissell and Yvonne Lime it is an old were wolf movie


Tony Rivers (Michael Landon), a pained young person at Rockdale High, is known for losing his temper and going overboard. A grounds battle among Tony and cohort Jimmy (Tony Marshall) stands out enough to be noticed of the nearby police, Det. Donovan (Barney Phillips) specifically. Donovan separates the battle and exhorts Tony to chat with a "analyst" that works at the nearby airplane plant, Dr. Alfred Brandon (Whit Bissell), a professional of hypnotherapy. Tony decreases, however his sweetheart Arlene (Yvonne Lime), just as his bereft dad (Malcolm Atterbury), show worry about his brutal conduct. Afterward, at a Halloween party at the "spooky house", an old house at which a few of the youngsters hang out, Tony assaults his companion Vic (Kenny Miller) in the wake of being shocked from behind. Subsequent to seeing the stunned looks on his companions' faces, he understands he needs assistance and goes to see Dr. Brandon. On Tony's first visit, nonetheless, Brandon clarifies that he has his own plan while the youngster lies on the specialist's sofa: Tony will be an amazing subject for his tests with a scopolamine serum he has built up that relapses characters to their crude senses. Brandon accepts that the lone future that humankind has is to "heave him back to his crude state." Although Brandon's associate, Dr. Hugo Wagner (Joseph Mell), fights that the test may execute Tony, Brandon proceeds and inside two meetings recommends to Tony that he was a wild creature.


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