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Lex Luthor Is Donald Trump Funny Comparison

This is a meme that compares president trump to Luthor, as they both call the news media fake. the difference in the two scenarios is that Lex Luthor is saying that the information provided by the justice league about his illegal activities is fake news and president trump is saying that the news that the media is covering on him and the general state of the nation is fake news. So I will tell you right here right now you should never just blindly trust anything you read online including this article your reading right now, so do your own research on everything, or at the very least cross-reference what you hear from different sources you would be surprised the difference in perspective watching news coverage on CNN gives while compared to the same media played through a conservative media source such as fox news. So it is always good to watch them both that way you do not get influenced by their inherent biases. And yes all people have there own biases, the biggest one being confirmation bias, this is where someone expects a person to be a certain way so they ignore all other factors pointing away from there beliefs and only focus on what furthers there beliefs, and typically they do not do this on purpose. It is subconscious as a result in order to prevent your self from falling into the same mental trap it is best to watch things from both perspectives so you can get a better understanding of the situation.

Young Justice fake news

Fake news vid

Donald J trump nbc video

Video of trump


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