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Kangaroo attacks dog full video original

Dog vs kangaroo vs man

Kangaroo Attacks Dog but owner saves by punching

This is probably one of the most australian thing you will ever see, a man in australia was roaming around the country with his dog, some time after the dog got into a fight with a kangaroo the kangaroo held the dog by the neck. The man realizing what was going on got off his vehicle and sprinted towards the kangaroo, the buck quickly tried to finish off the dog but failed and decided to try and square up with the man, the man held his boxing stance then punched the kangaroo directly in the face stunning the animal, the animal stay stunned for a couple of seconds before the rest of the man's dog arrived and the kangaroo ran away. kangaroos are some of the most dangerous animals out there, they are aggressive and at times territorial if you are caught on the wrong end of a kangaroo kick, you could be disemboweled with just one kick, as kangaroos have really powerful legs. Needless to say these kind of animals are best observed from a far, but it is important to understand their behaviour so that if you ever encounter a wild kangaroo you can make the right decision when dealing with the situation, for the record its best not to go punching wild animals as we said before a kangaroo can take you out with its hind legs so its best to crouch down so that you are out of its range, and back away try to find something to hide behind like a bush or tree, kangaroos will chase but typically not for far away.


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