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What is a Pluviophile Definition

A Pluviophile is someone who loves rain, loves everything about it, loves running in it, and some even love the smell of rain, a some Pluviophiles gain sexual arousal from the rain, and others just feel happier when it rains there is an estimated 30% or more of people that experience some form of Pluviophile feelings

The Psychology - My Theory

It is in my humble opinion that this dates back to our pre civilization era, as rain is synonymous with water so perhaps our ancestors would get happy for the rain because that meant they could catch water to take a shower, drink, and cook with. Since good clean drinking water was not available back then as the risk of drinking unclean water was most certainly dangerous our ancestors grew to catch water from the rain as water from the rain is more often than not clean and safe to drink so that is the reason we still have some remnant of happiness when it rains, similar to how we often have an irrational fear of the dark-ness as our ancestors would not be able to see at night which is typically when most predators roam, and they would have the advantage. What do you guys think about this theory ? let me know in the comments


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