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Dumped by a girl I loved.

So this story goes way back to highschool, and basically what happened was I met this girl, I remember seeing her and thinking to my self this can't be real, she saw me looking and smiled, then came up to ask me some questions like when did I start high school and what I thought of the school so far, and couple minutes later I asked her for the digits, and she gave me them to my surprise. So fast forward couple days I had not text her because I was afraid she might see me as "needy" the stupid stuff you think as a kid right ? anyways she sent me a..

The Reply.

She sent me a Text message asking why I didn't hit her up, and I said sorry I was busy so yea I was basically playing it cool, or so I thought anyways, she said "kl" and didn't say anything else. If you have realized by now there was no indication she actually liked me, she could have just wanted to be friends or so I thought, so I just let it go, and one day I met another girl she was in one of my classes at first period, and she seemed like she liked me as a matter of fact I was 99.99% sure she left not a single shroud of doubt in my mind. So we started hanging.

The Hallway..

Me and the girl previously mentioned were on lunch one day, and for some reason we were just walking around the school, and we came up on the girl I met previously , she asked me who was this and I said my friend, the "friend" as I thought absolutely flipped , the tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife, she grabbed my hand and hold it tight to which I was absolutely confused we had never held hands or anything of that nature so I wasn't sure what to do. The first girl said "alright" with a voice crack and just walked a way...


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