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What should I know before going to Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country, but as a Jamaican my self I can tell you it can be dangerous to go there without knowing the overall culture and the political and economical situation in Jamaica, it is a country that as of 2019 has had a murder rate of over 50 per hundred thousand and when I use to live there. I could personally say that there was a shooting every week in Old Harbor which is one of the more peaceful parts of the country, the reason for this is partially due to the culture of Jamaica, if you listen to the music...

The Culture

Jamaica's culture is extremely focused on violence, some of the most popular songs in Jamaica is dedicated to violence, and with a dwindling economy sometimes that violence is what people turn to, a lot of people are forced into that life and most don't come out, there have even being reports of X Police personnel that the police force is largely corrupt and is more interested in taking out "criminals" over reforming and re inviting them into society, I have heard that They caught a notorious criminal once and even though he was un-armed they had orders...

The dangers of being Homo Sexual in Jamaica

Now lets come to one of the things Jamaica is most known for, being Homophobic I will admit this doesn't apply to females but for a male in Jamaica being Homosexual can be dangerous, don't get me wrong there is homosexuals in Jamaica however they are often ostracized from society, and face constant scrutiny and treated less than human, it is often reflected in music as well, so you could say music has a large impact on Jamaica's culture, regardless I would use caution when showing affection while being homosexual in Jamaica.

Some Of My Experiences

Jamaica as of recent has declared a state of emergency and this is largely due to the fact that crime has being particularly bad recently, so in an effort to combat crime martial law has being declared in certain regions, one of the most notable regions is maypen, maypen has being known for being dangerous, people have attempted to rob me personally while I was still in highschool, I recall walking into the town from my school, we were taking a shortcut, and about half way through a man wearing a face cover and sun glasses came speeding up behind us..

Heart Stop...

We saw that he was behind us, and thought we could out walk him by increasing speed, as even though it is somewhat not out of the norm for people to cover up like that as at the time there was a huge crave for "bleaching" which is the practice of whitening ones skin using chemicals, and people would cover up from the sun to prevent there now sensitive skin from being damaged and to preserve the whitening, anyways I digress. Before we knew it he was behind us nearly two feet, so I decided to let this guy passed me and my cousin stand on opposite sides

What do you do when this happens to you ?

He walked right pass us then looked back and grabbed my cousins tie, he pulled out a ratchet aka a long knife, and started to mug us, I was most interested in not having one of us get injured so I was focused on that, he motioned for my cousin to give him his phone, at which my cousin denied, he then made a stabbing motion but as he did I began to reach towards him and he stopped and I slowly came back to my position , my fingers were twitching and my heart was beating, there was an old lady watching the entire thing unfold, but did


The old lady did nothing but watch as this man asked questions like why were we suspicious of him, I almost burst out laughing thinking you are dressed like Shino from naruto speed walking behind us what do you expect ? he took my cousins phone and walked behind us in order to prevent us from attacking him, and prevent the observing lady from seeing his face once he was in the clear he ran and my cousin went looking for the biggest stone he could find to chase after him, I however stopped him as I didn't believe it was worth the risk, it was a $40 new phone


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