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How to make your own website for free without any prior knowledge and make money

In this Blob I am going to show you just how you can make money for free yup 100% free, free hosting, free website, free money. So how ? the answer is simple 000webhost.com they are a web hosting company that I have used for many of my projects, and using them you could for example sell a product or run affiliate marketing where even just one buyer could pay you $100. So lets begin they support word-press so if you are knew to programming , you can indeed make your website

The Money

So once you have your website set up you will need to go to search console and get it indexed on google just google search console and follow there instructions on setting up and verifying the domain, you will most likely have to verify by website as 000webhost is shared hosting, once you've done that you should do the same on bing /yahoo webmasters , which since webmasters supports both bing and yahoo you don't really have to do anything else, so just google search console and yahoo webmasters, once it is indexed just post about interesting trendy long tail topics

The Money Continuation

The next step is to go and affiliate your self with various big companies such as Amazon, ShareASale and ebay, you could be making way more money that you would with ads which it can be difficult to get approved for even SliderBlob had to be submitted twice, which is quite a high quality website. Also if you are interested in making money consider posting on SliderBlob you can receive donations from your viewers , and since SliderBlob is new you don't have much competition.


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