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How to Protect your eyes without computer glasses

Have you guys ever wandered just what one of the main cause of eye strain was ? it is blue lights all our screens use it and recently it has being discovered that blue lights cause damage to eyes because of just how deep into the eye it penetrates, but never fear I have got you covered I am going to show you ways to protect your eyes using blue light filters that come pre built for free.

Windows 10 Night Light Mode aka Blue Light Filter

Windows 10 features the night light mode which is a blue light filter, test it out for your self turn it on for half an hour and use your device then turn it on, you will notice just how much your eye actually strains with blue light filters off. So to do this go into start and type "Night Light"

The Difference 100% improvement you can actually tell that it is better

Here you can turn Night Light on which will save your eyes a lot of strain, just click turn on and that's it, there is a similar feature in mobile devices as well, why isn't this enabled by default is beyond me but at least now you can protect your eyes, your welcome.

Night light mode windows 10


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