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Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau

Google is celebrating the 218th birthday of Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau , who has previously been described as the "father of the film". But who was the plateau, and how did he achieve this magnificent title? The son of an artist who specializes in making floral paintings, Plateau was born in 1801 in Brussels. Described as a young "eccentric" by his son-in-law and biographer Gustaf van der Mainsbrugh, he developed a keen interest in physics at an early


age and began inventing various tools while still in school. Despite initially studying law, Plateau continued his experiments at home - an exploit that often damaged his furniture and, on one occasion, according to Van der Mensbrugh, near-poisoning by poisonous gas. Joseph created the very first film using a device he called the phenakistiscope, which used an illusion to imitate moving objects. It worked by spinning really fast with images showing different phases of animation these animations then seemed to move on their own while the disk began to pick up speed. There are many examples of such devices in today's society some of which include LED yow yow that when spun create a variety of beautiful fluorescent lights, images, and sometimes even animations. This technology was due to the efforts of Plateau he basically pioneered this technology propelling humanity forward allowing now for people to watch animated movies even on their phones. Such a thing if said possible before now, you would certainly be looked at as crazy, but here we are today it is 2021 and we have TV screens of all types, we even now have transparent tv screens capable of imitating animation with the added benefit of even being able to play sound, we have certainly come along way since the invention of the phenakistiscope and a lot of this progress is due to the efforts of inventors such as Plateau.


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