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Chased by a stranger

When I was about ten years old I found my self being chased by a very large man for seemingly no reason, so lets rewind back a little bit, me my brothers and couple of my cousins were out side our house sitting on our gate wall, we were just talking about dumb stuff you talk about that age though I can't remember exactly what about. Anyways a stranger walked by he did not say anything and seemed to be selling peanuts, I am not gonna lie roast peanuts has got a great aroma. My brother in particular liked peanuts and decided that He wanted to go get some.

The Chase.

My brother walked up now about 50 meters away from the man, he looked at my brother and my brother waived at the man saying hello. And without warning the man started shouting ineligible words like something straight out of a movie, in a split second we all took off running and soon he followed, shouting all kinds of mumble . At that age I thought I had came across a zombie as that is the only possible thing I could think of, just why would a man randomly chase after us like that, we all kept running regardless, I looked back and I saw my brother shoes had fell.

The Drag

My Brother was on the ground, tripped over his own feet, I saw the man come up behind him, and my heart stopped, he took my brother by the leg and began dragging him on the ground, tears filled his eyes, I didn't know what to do, I was far to small to take on a man 10 times my size and weight, so I froze. My elder cousin said that we should wait before going back and that's what we did, we waited for about an hour or two before heading back this time through a different entrance to the housing scheme, that is where we saw that police had being at our gate


As we got closer, I could see our parents speaking with the police , and across from her there stood the man, and beside of him stood another smaller man, turns out that man was his brother and began explaining what had happened, it seems the man that chased us had mental issues that affected him in such away that he could not speak, and when my brother said hi, and waived at him he thought that my brother was giving him the finger which is the reason he chased us. And he only wanted to bring us to our parents what do you think ? does that excuse make sense ?


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