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Computers For Sale With Reviews

Cheap computers or laptops rather for sale may includes Acer , HP , Apple, Dell, Asus, Lenovo , Microsoft , Toshiba these computers are quality best bang for buck computers, you will be able to do gaming and graphics design in most of these design we will provide reviews and comments but overall all these computers / laptops will be vetted. Hewlett Packard or HP is our personal favorite as old school computer users HP provides quality service and if our computer software failed for some reason HP provided the ability to fix it self using the partion disk built into the computer that feature was not always seen in computers back in the day all products here will be on Amazon And Ebay use this site as your first review website where others who have bought the same products can review the laptop for you before you buy or maybe you are the first review the laptop and help out a fellow keyboard user. Ebay offers a wide range of products at often very good prices we pride our self with finding these great prices at ebay for you to enjoy

Factors to consider when buying a computer includes GPU for gaming, CPU also for gaming but is important for other things as well which includes day to day tasks and RAM - Ram is especially important as usually 4 gb or less of ram leads to a poor slow performing computer even if your CPU is good the reason is if your computer lacks RAM or Random Access Memory your computer will not be able to operate properly. Another often overlooked factor is whether to go SSD or use a Hard Drive so I am going break it down for the computer normie an SSD generally provides a faster experience but they are more expensive than a Hard Drive mean while a Hard Drive usually has more capacity but provides a generally slow experience when for example booting personally I use an SSD but the space was not enough for me so I added a 512 gb SD card so yes that is also an option if you want to save some cash, A good blend of SSD or solid state drive with a hard drive is the way to go because the operating system can operate on the SSD and the Hard Drive can store your files providing for optimal experience. If your computer only comes with a SSD then using a High Capacity SD card is an option I suggest only buying such Sand Disk cards from reputable sources as some people/ companies try and fake the capacity for sales at the expense of the consumer, you wouldn't be able to tell that it was faked as the Sand Disk Drive is programmed to overwrite it self so unless you actually try and open your files you won't know and a 32 gb sd card can masquerade as a 256 GB SD card so I highly advise against buying from Ebay and such I recommend and use Samsung secondly if you choose to buy an SD Card you can do so from places like best buy but keep in mind that best buy is a heck of a lot more expensive than getting it online a 512 gb SD card should run you like 70 USD that is optimal price so don't be tricked into spending more or in some cases less. If you have any questions you may use SliderBlob and post it in the stories section and get answers from the community I will try to respond to your questions as well. Anyways back to the essay typically a good GPU is usually most of the GTX & RTX series for Nvidia and the latest Radeon series for amd a GPU usually has dedicated ram so as such a 8gb base computer could still be good for gaming or streaming as long as the ram on the gpu is good.

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