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LBell Clock Sunrise Alarm Clock Review (How Good Is it?)

The LBell Alarm Clock is not your typical alarm clock, it is a smart clock that comes with a radio, 7 differently colored night lights, sunrise simulation as the name suggests which basically aims to mimic the sun rising inside of your room. It has Sleep Aid which works by fading the lights out as you fall asleep while adjusting the audio, the radio is FM only which may be a slight turn off but let's be honest ain't nobody listening AM anyways. It comes fitted with natural background sounds such as birds chirping, ocean waves, water streams, wind bell, soft classic music, and piano which is really immersive to the user. It has a unique shape, in all honesty, I have never seen anything like it, the sun-shaped clock with high-quality light is enough to turn heads. It has the ability to charge phone devices and supports multiple alarms, which you can snooze with just a touch. It can be used as a lamp which is like a mini sun in your room again as the name suggested! It has over 7 thousand reviews and there are near 5 perfect stars with a 4.3 rating. There are reviews such as "It is well worth the money ", echoed by many Amazon shoppers on the platform, and from the features, we have reviewed so far I can agree, especially since it is only $40 bucks with the link below. it also comes with a guide for those of you who are not used to smart devices such as this one, where it shows you how to set timers and much more. There is a lot of types of Alarm clocks in modern society, there are the standard alarm clocks, and the old ticking alarm clock but old Alarm clocks are starting to fade, and now the new smart clocks such as this one are taking the world by storm. With this clock close your eyes and imagine sleeping outside on the beach, with the waves brushing against the beach birds above, sounds peaceful right? That is what this Alarm clock has to offer.

How Does It Look ?

How Does It Look ? How Does It Look ? .
Picture of Sunrise Alarm Clock

Lbell Alarm Clock Test

Review by Taylor Nave


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