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MSI GL65 Leopard Review

MSI GL65 Leopard Review The MSI GL65 Leapard gaming laptop is among the most pricey and power packed laptops out there, starting at 1300 dollars

MSI GL65 Leopard Review

This gaming laptop comes fitted with 144hz refresh rate which is plenty for a gaming laptop. It has a FHD display, but a display size of 15.6 inches, that is pretty standard but I would prefer a slightly larger display, however with a display that size this gaming laptop can maximise its output from its RTX 2070 GPU ! The Cpu fitted on this device is a it 10750 H processor, which while is much better than your standard laptop I would have preferred an HQ version as the performance is typically better. It is running the windows 10 home edition again, this operating system is typical, and should be enough for your day to day uses. So some of the things I really like about this computer is 512 GB NVE SSD, which I can tell you from my experience with SSD's should give you a boot up speed of under 5 seconds ! and last but certainly not least 16GB of ram ! that's enough to have over 50 google chromes open with 10 tabs each at least ! so you will be able to run any game out there for the foreseeable future. Of course the keyboards are backlit and a 3w 6 cell battery which while doing regular task should last you half a day. so all in all I believe this laptop gets a 4 out of 5 because while 512gb ssd is plenty I would have loved to see an additional terabyte of hard drive at least. And I believe if it was a 17 inch screen it would be better but with a 15 inch screen you will get more power out of it.

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Review by Jarrod'sTech


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