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HP Envy X360 13 2020 Review

HP Envy X360 13 2020 Review

HP Envy X360 is both a tablet and a computer. Extremely powerful full, perfect for entry-level gamers and people looking to use it for business purposes. Some key features of this laptop include it being touchscreen and come fitted with a six-core AMD ryzen 5 4500u processor, this laptop Storage starts at about 256 GB SSD but even on the low end the bright side is SSD'S are much more quickly than hard drives. It also has a fingerprint reader attached so you log in without using a password. The Keyboard is backlit for added aesthetic value. With a screen size of 15.6 inches, it is pretty standard. The battery size is a 41 Wh Li-ion and should last up to 5 hours depending on usage we have a video review here just swipe left

HP Envy X360 13 2020 video Review

Review by Andrew Marc David

My Personal Opinion

So I owned this laptop for a little over a year and I will say I absolutely loved it ! I liked having the ability to just lay on my pillow and flip the laptop like 145 degrees and have a kick stand to watch movies, it was perfect and surprisingly good at gaming I remember being able to play what ever video game I wanted even if I had to turn down the graphics a little bit. All in all the laptop was perfect for my uses, it also turned a lot of heads I 100% recommend it.


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