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Eluktronics MAG-15 Slim Gaming Laptop Full Review

Eluktronics MAG-15 Slim & Ultra Light Specs With Full Review

This Gaming Laptop is nothing short of impressive but for 1600 it better be it has 1tb of ssd with 32GB of Ram with the Nvida GTX 1660 TI GPU with 6 GB of dedicated High speed gaming ram and the intel core I7 975H cpu which is a high grade processing unit made by intel it should be able to run modern games on maximum settings. The only draw back if you can even call it that is the screen size which is sitting at 15.6 inches. Now personally I like large displays but smaller displays tend to maximize performance due to having less pixels to draw so really this is a plus. You should also be able to stream and play video games at the same time. If any of you purchased this please give us your opinion on it but from what we can see this is a very good buy. The Eluktronics MAG 15 gaming laptop is often recommended by gaming laptop experts on youtube and other social media and it is obvious why this is a true competitor to the acer predator helios 300 gaming laptop.

Eluktronics MAX-15 With 20 different games test

Full Benchmark


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